ATR Type Rating for DGCA License Holders


If you already have an Indian Commercial pilot license and plan to fly for an Indian airline, our Type Rating program will get you one step ahead.


  • Type rating will be conducted according to latest requirements of the Indian Directorate General of Civil Aviation ( DGCA)

  • Type rating simulator training will be done primarily in a training center in Bangkok, but you also has the option to take our course in Europe.

  • Visa support, transportation and accomodation can be coordinated with our professional staff, who will assist in any way they can.

  • Aircraft/Base training can be provided.


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ATR72-600 Type Ratings DGCA


Valid ME, IR (multi-engine, instrument rating)

Valid CPL (w. ATPL theory) or ATPL

Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate

English level 4 according to ICAO requirements


Important information

We do know that a valid IR (Instrument Rating) is not a requirement by DGCA - but we do require you to have it.

In general you need to be aware that a Type Rating course is exactly that -> a course covering training for a new aircraft type. We expect that you know your IFR and also that your basic flying skills are good. We will teach you how to master the new aircraft type - but time is just too limited for you to spend precious time in the flight simulator learning basic aircraft handling andhow to fly IFR.

A type rating course is very demanding and should not be underestimated in any way. But with proper preparation and training it will be an unforgettable and a rewarding experience. We will help you getting there as much as we possibly can - but we insist that you put in some hard work to reach the goal. We welcome you on board with GAC. 



Included in the Course Price:


  • Complete set of Aircraft and Training Manuals + FCOM & QRH.

  • Cockpit Poster

  • 40 hrs CBT (Computer Based Training _ Aircraft Systems)

  • 80 hours Ground School

  • Local transportation

  • MCC: 12 hours in ATR 72-600 FFT 

  • Type Rating: 32 hours in ATR 72-600 FFS

  • LOFT: 4 hours in ATR 72-600 FFS

  • Skill Test Day 4 hours

  • Skill test Night 4 hours 

  • Examiner Fee

  • Accommodation at Silver Palm Appartments