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 Cessna Citation CJ2+ 

Aircraft data_


Featuring a natural laminar flow wing the Citation CJ2+ has a much more aerodynamic wing structure than it´s predesessors while still maintaining their inexpensive production and operation costs. This provides a much appreciated versatility and flexibility regardless of the mission.


When it comes to producing efficient and economical light jet solutions, nobody does it quite as well as Cessna.


Aircraft size



Wing Span


Bag Capacity


14.53 m  

15.19 m  

4.27 m  

1.83 m3 

Cabin size







 4.29 m  

1.45 m  

1.42 m  

7.02 m3 

Aircraft Layout






6 seats

2 seats






IFR Range

Cruise Speed

Certified Ceiling

Rate of Climb

Take-Off Distance

Landing Distance

Max Take-Off Weight

Max Landing Weight

Useful Weight

Payload with Full Fuel 


1.613 nm 

418 KTAS

45.000 ft

4.120 ft/m

3.363 ft

2.982 ft

12.500 lbs

11.526 lbs

4.625 lbs

695 lbs 


2.987 km

774 km/h 

13.716 m

1.256 m/m

1.025 m 

909 m 

5.670 kg

5.228 kg

2.098 kg

315 kg

CJ2+ Range

Due to Cessna's careful choice of an optimal engine for the CJ2+, it is very fuel-efficient.


This means that operating costs are quite low, all because of the simplicity and effectiveness of traditional Cessna design-philosophy.


Performance of the CJ2+ is unique for an aircraft in its category. 

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