Operator Support by GAC

ATR 42/72-600 Line Training and much more...

GAC has a team of highly skilled and experienced pilots, instructors and examiners with an avarage of 6.000+ hrs on all ATR variants including the newest ATR42/72-600.


Our professional team here at GAC has assisted with a number of successful start-up operations like Jet Time, a Danish airline that has more than tripled their fleet since they started in 2006, and introduced ATR42/72-600 in 2013. 


Our services include:


  • ATR 42/72-600 TRI & TREs

  • Flight Crew Line Training & Supervision

  • Recurrency training worldwide

  • Base Training (including ATR -600 version)

  • Provisionary Flight Crew in peak seasons and crew shortage


We understand the importance of liaising and integrating with local work force and expertise to get the best outcome.


  • We can deploy ATR Flight Crew worldwide on a short notice, even on the ATR 42/72-600. 


  • Our services includes all that makes the start-up phase more manageable and safe, therefore ensuring success as a new ATR operator.


Contact us at info@flygac.com for further information

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