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Why ATR?

The reason I chose the ATR, was the fact that I saw an opportunity to be based in Copenhagen by a Danish Airliner. I had heard from a previous student of GAC that the ATR was expanding on the regional market in the Scandinavian region. He had a few months earlier been employed on the ATR with his Type Rating, which he had completed with Global Air Crew. I was recommended to contact GAC by the former student.

Throughout my training to become a Pilot, I always found Turboprops quite fascinating and I really like the operations which the ATR usually are used for. This was also a fact that made me more confident with choosing the ATR.


Why did you choose GAC?

I was recommended to contact GAC, by a former student of Global Air Crew. He had acquired his Type Rating with GAC and was now employed as a First Officer with an Airliner based in Copenhagen.

Before making the final decision to acquire an ATR Type Rating, I had an email/telephone correspondence with an instructor of GAC. It was very informative, honest and professional. I was told both the cons and pros by acquiring a Type Rating without the guarantee of getting an airliner job.

Before commencing the Type Rating I also had a personal meeting with one of the instructors at GAC. Again, this with very informative, honest and yet very professional. All in all, I found GAC as the perfect provider of the ATR Type Rating and I, without a doubt, commenced my training with GAC.


What did you particularly like about our approach on things?

It was very professional. I felt informed throughout the whole training. If I was in doubt, I just asked. I liked the structure of the training process and the whole Type Rating program. The instructors were, or had been flying the ATR for a long period and I felt that they loved to welcome us, the students, onboard the ATR.

I really enjoyed everything was planned and sorted in advance. By the time we commenced the theoretical study, we already knew the dates for the Simulator Lessons, Skill Test and Base Training.


Value for money?

I felt that the Type Rating was a good deal. I really gained a lot for the money spent. I could not have found a better price nor provider, as for the ATR Type Rating. At the time being I had been looking for a Type Rating and I did not find any equals to Global Air Crew's product.


How would you summarise the experience as a whole?

By three words; Professional, Fun and Instructive.

It was both a fun and instructive process. The training was continuously and I progressed flying the ATR from one lesson to the other. At the time of completion, I felt confident that I was able to fly the ATR on a safe and high level.

By staying at the same hotel, as the instructors, was also a fact that made the Type Rating quite enjoyable. As a whole, I am very satisfied with the experience and product Global Air Crew provided.


Would you recommend GAC to others? If so, who?

By all means! Actually, I have already recommended GAC to several upcoming pilots and I will keep on doing so.


Did it help you get a job as a pilot?

Yes, it certainly did. I am currently employed as a First Officer on the ATR with Jet Time, based in Copenhagen.


Rasmus Andersen

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