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I chose the ATR for two reasons; one because of the thriving market for regional turbo-props and for it’s short route segments. The other, if i chose a for instance B737 rating, I would be competing with guys whom most likely have had flown it before.


For me GAC was the obvious choice because of their location and their recommendations from other pilots. When I first got in contact with GAC it was a very positive experience both because of the very hands on approach and because it wasn’t a sales pitch or empty promises, more a conversation about expectations possibilities. From day one the GAC experience was very professional, and we was well taken care of, first whit the CBT followed by 3 days of intense ground school followed by the simulator training in Dublin, all done by very kind, experienced and professional instructors.


After finishing the ATR rating the job market looked very different, I got one offer to join as a First Officer and two more invitations for interviews. All in all GAC was the reason that I moved my aviation career from instructing to the airlines.


Mathias Vitting Hermann

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