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Giovanni Conca

I always saw the ATR a machine very charming and very trainer as level pilot technique and flight manuals skills. 
In my honest opinion as junior first officer, I think a pilot cadet after the achievement of courses and licenses should start in ATR airplane that is the best and most used airlines turboprop airplane flown all over the world; 

I say this because I believe that in the near future then whether you will have the opportunity to fly jets, the ATR has given you definitely a solid preparation for the pilotage that will allow you to fly any type of aircraft. 

After the achievement of my licenses and after a long search in the market for services and companies ATR in Europe, I was lucky enough to find the GAC via internet website. 
After a steady communication, trust and reliability shown by the captain Kaj Thomsen and his Team who explained in any details the services offered by GAC I decided to start my career as copilta ATR with them; 
After performed type rating and base training with their captain instructors have been called to fly as co-pilot for some services ferry flight where I could start building my ATR experience; 

The best experience was definitely a ferry flight from Copenhagen Denmark to Cairns Australia.   So great! 


In Gac I found a really friendly and professional environment,united by the same passion for flying, Captains and instructors GAC will transmit the most of all their skills and work experience so that you can learn and grow in a very good pilot. 

Although I can not fly with the GAC because another employee in another company full-time, today I'am in constant contact with the GAC because in addition to professional aspect we have created a solid friendship. 

As we all know, the professional career in any field of work requires a money investment; 
GAC has shown a great consideration regard my financial investment for training ,going to meet my request and personal needs finding the best solution for both parties. 

All in all it has been an AMAZING experience.

GAC absolutely recommend any pilot cadet who wants to start his professional career in the world of turboprop, also because it has the opportunity to travel and see the world with the ferryflight services. 

GAC has helped me to find work as a co-pilot and I also had the opportunity to choose which company to fly; 
Currently flying as first officer ATR Etihad Regional. 

Giovanni Conca. 


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