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Hello GAC,


I am so glad that I choose your company GAC to do my typerating on the ATR 72.

It was from recommendations from former collegues that helped me make up my mind.


I have been flying DeHavilland and SAAB TurboProps before and was not so keen to take another

TP typrating but with the ATR TR a new world of opertunities opened up for me.

The fact that the ATR is still in production and very trendy due to its performance and cutting costs.


That you had your ground school in Copenhagen that was perfect for me to be able to reach it with

train or car from Sweden. It was Morten P. that held my ground course before traveling off to



To come to the main ATR Center in TLS to do my FFS was super. The Center had these PC based

sim trainers and paper tigers that really helped us to train the new procedures and callouts before

doing our scheduled sim sessions.


Our living quarters were at a good location and with acces to trains, buses and foodstores.

In TLS I meet Kaj T. that was taking care that all of the schooling went smoothly.

The Aircraft Base Training was I

fourtuned to do @ Jet Time CPH.


With my new TR on hand I was invited to interviews at some of the ATR operators in Scandinavia.

There were alot of positions available in Europe and outside IF you were willing to relocate.

But having a family with small children I wanted to remain up North and was lucky to get a job

close to where I live.


I have been and will continue to recommend pilots to take their TR @ your outfit.


Thank you for all your help




Per W Johansson

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