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Why did you decide to do a Type Rating?

I graduated from the swedish flight school, SPU, in the summer of 2016. I were very exited to begin my career, and consequently were applying for every open position I could find. I did not take long before I came to the realisation, through many conversations with friends and acquaintances within the aviation industry, that the odds of even getting a jobinterview without a Type Rating are very slim. Therefore it seemed as the obvious next step in my professional career.

Why ATR?

I had a lot of doubts on which aircraft type I should invest a Type Rating in. I initially thought that the odds were largest on a B737 or maybe even a A320. I also looked into taking a rating on the CRJ-900. Because of the importance and economical commitment to this decision, I naturally consulted almost everyone i knew in the aviation industry, from long time captains to newly employed first officers. Surprisingly, almost everyone agreed that the most sensible Type Rating, weighing in cost and job opportunities, was the ATR 72. An extra benefit everybody I asked also could agree on, is the fact that you actually fly the plane, and much more so, than e.g. B737 or A320. As a first time Type Rating, the choice was clear to me.

Why did you choose GAC / What did you particularly like about our approach to things / Value for money?

GAC were already from the beginning one of my top choices. Again, drawing knowledge from my friends, they all could recommend GAC. The more I looked into other possibilities, the more I was set on GAC. Both instructors and management has got vast experience as instructors, but also from working at many different operators around the world, which offers a broad and varied perspective to the Type Rating. Aside from the dedicated people working at GAC, I found their approach to things very honest. GAC have a very openminded culture, where you can ask them about anything, and you will get an honest answer in return. Another defining characteristic of GAC is their ability to also stay on top of things and plan ahead. Before I started at GAC, sim hours deep into the night was no uncommon thing for me, but even this was extremely well thought during my course. All these reasons, made it very clear to me - if I ever were uncertain if I actually got my moneys worth in education and contacts, then the question was answered with a resounding yes!

Would you recommend GAC to others? If so, who / Did GAC help you get a job as pilot?

I would strongly recommend GAC. I have always, and still feel, that they got my back. They were genuinely interested in getting me a exceptional education and helping me along to get a job. When i finished my Type Rating, it took no longer than one week before I was called to an interview, which fortunately led me to my first job as a First Officer. I am certain that GAC has played a crucial role in getting me to my very first job, and thereby fulfilling my life long dream of becoming a pilot. 

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