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I am proud of myself to have chosen GAC. Thank you.

I really would like to take the opportunity to write, how pleased I was with the training I obtained while at GAC. It’s a great honour for me to place my points and thank you for the opportunity given to me.

I feel like there is nowhere else I could have received that sort of attention, and in such an efficient manner, their friendly approach helped all our students to approach them with ease. The academy has highly qualified instructors who have more experience and they know what the student expects and where they are lagging, based on that they have provided the training.

I can attest to the fact that your training programs are for people who have the ambition to be professional pilots.

If I have to describe GAC, I would say that it has a very educational and a ‘help each other’ environment. Very professional training with phenomenal flight instructors and maintenance staff.

All instructors are really helpful, always there to answer questions and teach whenever required.

I am proud of myself to have chosen GAC. Thank you.

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