S.K. Balajee

I really would like to take the opportunity to write, how pleased I was with the training I obtained while at GAC. It’s a great honour for me to place my points and thank you for the opportunity given..... Read more


 I Mr. Sameer Sadvelkar  would like to inform you that I got selected in the Indigo ATR Programme .... Read more


Joakim Riber - I would strongly recommend GAC. I have always, and still feel, that they got my back. They were genuinely interested in getting me a exceptional education and helping me along to get a job. When i finished my Type Rating, it took no longer than one week before I was called to an interview... Read more


My name is Mathias Klenske... Read my story.


I've researched about 3 years to find the aircraft type that give me more chance to get the Job, the reason I've chosen ATR was big number of orders and a high


I had the opportunity to work with GAC in 2013 to get my ATR Type Rating....... J'ai travaillé avec GAC en 2013 pour obtenir ma QT ATR. Après avoir comparé les différentes écoles en Europe. Read more...


My Name is Peter Svendsen, I’m 27 years old, and I received my ATR 72 rating through GAC last year, and have since been employed as a First Officer. Read more...


I chose ATR because it was one of the fastest growing aircraft businesses at the time. All regional airlines is either flying or changing to ATR aircraft. The other reason.... Read more...


After the achievement of my licenses and after a long search in the market for services and companies ATR in Europe, I was lucky enough to find the GAC via internet website... Read More...


The reason I chose the ATR, was the fact that I saw an opportunity to be based in Copenhagen by a Danish Airliner. I had heard from a previous student of GAC.... Read more...


I chose the ATR for two reasons; one because of the thriving market for regional turbo-props and for it’s short route segments. The other.... Read more here...

Per W.

Hello GAC, I am so glad that I choose your company GAC to do my typerating on the ATR 72. It was from recommendations from former collegues that helped me make up my mind. Read more...


My name is Emil, 25, and I am working as a First Officer on the ATR at Jet Time. I took my type rating at Global Air Crew back in 2014 and shortly after hired by Jet Time. Read more...


After completing my initial pilots education, flying various general aviation gigs and being in an indefinite holding pool in a large Asian airline, I decided to opt for a type rating to enhance my career prospects. As the ATR 72..... Read more..


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 - a few words from some of our Type Rating trainees.


Reader: If you want to contact these or other former students please let us know on info@flygac.com and we will connect you. Thank you.


Thanks for the kind words. A true pleasure working and flying with you all.


Happy landings.


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