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Type Rating by GAC

GAC is an approved training organisation (ATO DK-029), offering cost effective and top quality ATR72-500 and 72-600 Type Ratings.

Together with our simulator providers we are dedicated to give you the ultimate introduction to an aircraft that is now operated by more than 190 airlines in over 90 countries.

All courses can be individually composed to match individual students needs or to match those of larger groups.


When it comes to the progress of our student pilots we leave nothing to chance - we follow you from start to finish.


At GAC we share a common goal, and that is to give you the absolute best foundation for your future within aviation.


Complete this Training Form  and submit online today!

ATO Certificate

Give yourself a chance & get Type Rated at GAC

Simulator training is primarily in Bangkok or Paris.

Type Rating ground school both in Europe and Asia.


Landing training in Europe and Asia.


EASA approved ATO + DGCA compliant.


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Contact us at for further information with regards to our prices and group discounts.


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