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Emil Thalund

My name is Emil, 25, and I am working as a First Officer on the ATR at Jet Time. I took my type rating at Global Air Crew back in 2014 and shortly after hired by Jet Time.

I chose to do the ATR typerating because of the big demand on ATR pilots at the moment. A lot of ATR-operators, especially northern part of Europe was, and still is, looking for rated pilots.

The reason for choosing GAC was the cheap price and the experience of the instructors working at GAC. GAC instructors are all rated and flying the ATR and have thousands of hours on the ATR. They are all helpful and you will not only get a typerating, but also become a better pilot.

With the ATR rating, and as a totally new pilot with only few houndred hours, it was the most obvious choice for me. I could not compete with the boeing pilots with thousands of hours on type.

I would definitely recommend GAC to anyone who is in the same situation as me. With only a few houndred hours of pilot time, I think it would be the best typerating at the moment.

Hope to see you soon on the ATR!

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