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Anders Blume

After completing my initial pilots education, flying various general aviation gigs and being in an indefinite holding pool in a large Asian airline, I decided to opt for a type rating to enhance my career prospects. As the ATR 72 has been the predominant type in the regional market in Scandinavia, and large orders for new types had been signed, the decision fell on completing a rating on the type.
A friendly and down to earth meeting with the Director and Head of Training of GAC only assured me that a type rating on the ATR 72 was the right decision for me.
The training was conducted swiftly and efficiently with very competent instructors, who with their vast knowledge and decades of experience on the type, brought me to a standard on the ATR that secured me my dream job in my home country of Denmark only a few months later.

I will highly recommend Global Aviation Contractors to anyone looking to kick-start their flying career on an exciting type, with some of the best instructors on the market and last but not least, at a very competitive price!


Anders Blume

First Officer ATR 72-600 

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