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Siamak Kamrani


Why ATR?

I've researched about 3 years to find the aircraft type that give me more chance to get the Job, the reason I've chosen ATR was big number of orders and a high rate of delivery meaning a huge number of jobs possibility for new pilots – even for low timers. On the other hand flying a regional aircraft with lots of take off and landings leads to more experience and to good flying skills. Multi pilot, multi engines turbo prop category was good option at any rate.


Why did you choose GAC?

Open communication and honestly, reasonable price with good deal, understanding of my situations and experienced ATR instructors.



What did you particularly like about the GAC approach on things?

Very friendly, always available, easy to communicate in professional manner made a nice and pleasant course and this lead to me still keeping contact with them. 



Value for money? 

Absolutely – yes.


How would you summarise the experience as a whole?

Very good support during whole type rating course and easy to reach the instructor whenever you want. The teaching process was absolutely professional and simulator time was in the best hours of the day.


Would you recommend GAC to others?

I'll of course recommend GAC to the pilots whithout commercial experience and want really high and professional rating. 


Did it help you get a job as pilot?

I've been recommended and get my first job as airline pilot within 5 months thanks to GAC,,, 

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